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At the time of writing this, I haven't found a topic for this article yet and I don't want to use the classic ‘My year in review' so whenever you read this article just know that I still don't have a title and I have left it at what it is.

2018 was awesome, I feel really emotional writing this article because I grew so much mentally, physically (i've got a cool Beard ), and also financially in 2018 compared to previous years.

My TWENTY EIGHTEEN really started for me in August because I was on my School industrial training for 6 months from the month of February until August.

I was serving in the IT Department of an Engineering Firm (GIL Automation), it was really fun there because I met new people and made new friends. My boss at the firm was a very down to earth and a nice man.

When I finished the Industrial training I had received offers and interview calls from Big Brands but I turned them down all because they wanted me to work full time and on-site and I couldn't stay given that I was still a student

I got offers from brands like;

  • Amplify pay

  • Thank you card

  • MAXNG etc.

I also applied to the Andela fellowship, I almost left school for the fellowship when I got into the Bootcamp but I was adviced by friends to finish school first since I am almost done. I attended the boot camp though but I didn't even make it into the 2nd week because I couldn't handle the stress and I was quite unserious :) :) but I learnt so much within just a week.

In August 2018 I made this tweet

and guess what I got a whole lotta retweet and I had a few offers from several companies outside Nigeria and finally, I accepted an offer as a Frontend Engineer in an AI startup in the US.

It actually changed my life and the way I think and Act, I had so much attention on me and the responsibilities grew on me but it didn't change my personality though:) :)

There's so much I've achieved in 2018 that I want to share but I really don't want to get y'all bored so I'll just highlight few of them.

In 2017 I listed my plans for 2018, although I didn't achieve all I was able to achieve few

Some of my 2018 plans

I was able to achieve 3,5,6,7,9,10. So I'm taking my unachieved 2018 plans into 2019.


I spoke at my first tech conference in 2018, it was at the largest React Conference in Africa. It was a really big feat for me, Thank you Innocent Amadi for giving me the opportunity.

I'd like to also thank Brian Holt for helping me review my slides for the Conference, I appreciate Man.

I also was invited to be a Judge at NaijaHacks Nigeria official Hackathon alongside very important people in the tech ecosystem in Nigeria and beyond it was a huge honour for me because I was the youngest judge Naija Hacks ever had ( small boy, Big God :) :)

I spoke at smaller events and meetups too, I even was invited as a guest to a WhatsApp group to talk about Securing a Remote Job.

i really enjoyed the discussion

I was supposed to do a live coding session in December 2018 but I cancelled at the last minute because I wasn't prepared mentally and I apologize to the organizers of TASUED Developers community


I didn't write much in 2018, for reasons I don't even know I'm guessing it was procrastination, But I was able to write just one article on using GitLab and Javascript, Links below:

So in this year 2019, I plan to write 52 Articles. Yeah, you heard me 52 Articles and I'll be dropping them every week in each month on my Blog…… JS SECRETS

I didn't want to share this but I got invited to the Auth0 technical writers' program, Although I haven't written an article yet I plan to drop my first article in January or February, just wait on it.


I didn't finish reading any book because I was so busy, but I'm currently reading

  1. A subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Mason
  2. A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

I plan to finish them in January and get some new books to read, feel free to recommend books for me to read in the Response box below, Thank You in Advance.

Not to forget, I also helped organize largest Developers conference in Africa, Concatenate Conf. Thank you so much Sarah Drasner, Brian Holt, Christian Nwamba for the opportunity. Cheers to a better conference in 2019

I plan on submitting a talk at the next Concatenate Conf, Sarah Drasner I'll hit you up soon :)

We are Concatenate!!!!

Rare Photo of all the People that worked hard to make Concatenate Conf possible although Sarah Drasner and Brian Holt aren't in the photo we hope to see them in 2019(fingers Crossed).


I am not a New Year, New things person, I'm carrying my unfinished 2018 plans into 2019. I want to just get better at what I do and help more newbies going into tech.

I plan to go out and explore Lagos more and visit few Countries too( That's if my Able God Shower his blessing).

I plan to Write more and Contribute to Open Source


I want to take you( yes you reading this article) for supporting me and taking your time to read this boring piece. I want to especially thank Innocent Amadi for giving me a place in the FB Dev Circle Lagos Leadership team, it has greatly helped my Community management skills. Prosper Otemuyiwa for inspiring me and also for answering me whenever I have a question or two, for advising me too. I also would like to thank Sarah Drasner for inspiring every day, for following me on Twitter(😂😂) and for giving me a chance to help organize Concatenate Conference. Thank you so much Brian Holt, for taking your time to review my slides for React Summit, it means a lot to me and I appreciate it. Thank you, everybody, that has had a hand in helping me grow and also everyone that loves me Y'all are my inspiration and I won't ever disappoint Y'all.

I can't forget to thank my family for consistently supporting and praying for me.

There's still so much I want to share but I feel these are the most important ones!!!

Just in case you wanted to read my 2017 in review,

Here is also an Interview I did with Tech MeetUp Nigeria on how I secured a remote job, Enjoy!

Cheers to a better and Fun-filled 2019,