Deploy a Full-stack Nodejs App on Cloud Foundry

In this tutorial, we will be deploying a full-stack application on Cloud Foundry with a Node.js backend and a MongoDB database service.


Approaching Developer Relations in an Open Source Foundation

Over the past 7 months, we’ve built a new DevRel program from scratch, and in this article, I’ll share some tips, ideas, and frameworks we’ve built to help us with our work and some lessons we’ve learned along the way. There’s still so much to learn and do but the aim of this article is to share what we’ve learned along the way, and maybe, just maybe it may be beneficial to a team out there.


My Thoughts on African ( South African, Nigerian) Music & My Origin With Music

If you look closely at the music scene in Africa, South Africa is the original music powerhouse of Africa. South Africans have steadily been creating their sound without copying sound from other African countries, unlike Nigerians.


Build a Slack Bot with n8n Webhooks node and Github API

n8n is a free and open fair-code licensed node-based workflow automation tool, the main aim of n8n is to allow people automate processes with little or no-code. With n8n you can build a lot of interesting workflows and automate a lot of processes from event registrations, to sharing updates when an event happens etc.