My Thoughts on African ( South African, Nigerian) Music & My Origin With Music

If you look closely at the music scene in Africa, South Africa is the original music powerhouse of Africa. South Africans have steadily been creating their sound without copying sound from other African countries, unlike Nigerians.


Build a Slack Bot with n8n Webhooks node and Github API

n8n is a free and open fair-code licensed node-based workflow automation tool, the main aim of n8n is to allow people automate processes with little or no-code. With n8n you can build a lot of interesting workflows and automate a lot of processes from event registrations, to sharing updates when an event happens etc.


Javascript Build Tools: Past and Beyond

Code used in production is different from development code. In production, you need to build packages that run fast, manage dependencies, automate tasks, load external modules, and more. Tools that make it possible to turn development code into production code are called build tools.


Higher Order Components in React

React is a fantastic Javascript library for building rich user interfaces, it provides a great component abstraction for organising your interfaces into well-functioning code but what about the look and feel of the app? In the browser, the look and feel of the app are mostly defined by CSS which is a means of styling our web applications and websites. There are various ways of styling React components from using stylesheets to using external styling libraries etc.