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A Part of the Next Generation


Hello friends 👋

The past year has been nothing short of amazing, I became heavily involved in developer relations and cloud-native space, thanks to the opportunity that working at the Cloud Foundry Foundation(CFF) provided for me.

It was an incredible journey. I had the opportunity to work with different technologies, build strategy and also work with an open-source community. I learnt a lot about kindness, empathy, cloud technology, marketing and public relations which are all essential parts of my job as a Developer Advocate. I worked with some of the most brilliant people I ever met and I executed my best work with them.

I am grateful for the 1 year+ I spent working for the Cloud Foundry Foundation, everybody that I met along the way and the Cloud Foundry community.

After working at the CFF for a while, I realized that I wanted a different thing because I felt like my work with the CFF was already at its end and I wanted to take on another challenge. I still wanted to remain in the Cloud ecosystem and also do open source work in the process because i strongly believe in it. Open source connects people around the world to share ideas, knowledge, and inspiration.

Today, I'm excited to share that I am joining the Developer Relations team at as a DevRel Engineer. is an end-to-end cloud PaaS that lets you launch, run and scale whatever kind of application you're building. The interesting part of the product is that you have all you need to easily take your application to production, from CI/CD, deployment to security. caters for all the needs of a development team and therefore allows developers to spend more time focused on building the application.

I have always admired the technology being built at the company and it feels really good to be a part of it - the next generation.

Going forward, I will be creating content to educate the world about the business benefits of using and will be collaborating with other communities in the tech ecosystem.

This is a start of a new journey for me and I'm beyond excited to go on it with every one of you reading this.

Until next time,

Shedrack Akintayo